Pipe Tunnel

This obstacle should have a diameter of a minium of 600mm and should be a minimum of 3m in length.  The tunnel may only curve in a single direction.


Positioning - it is recommended pipe tunnels should always be fully extended when in the desired shape.


Judging - Refusal for running past the line of the front of the tunnel or entering the tunnel and coming back out of the same entrance.


Note - A dog jumping over the tunnel when attempting to complete the obstacle is a refusal.  However, when not attempting the tunnel as the next obstacle, a dog jumping over the tunnel during a round is normally dealt with as wrong course and therefore an elimination.


Elimination - For entering or touching the wrong entrance to the tunnel. 

Guideline for securing a Pipe Tunnel
Guidelines for securing a Pipe Tunnel 20[...]
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Guide to Surviving your first agility show:


Kim Lawer and Cornwall Agility Club have produced a very detailed and comprehensive document for anyone entering their first show. It would be impossible to improve upon this document and with their permission i have made it available to download here.  

Guide to surviving your first agility show
Guide to surviving your first show 2018.[...]
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Are You Aware of Alabama Rot Disease It can be fatal to your dog. A confirmed case occurred in Cullompton recently. The dog concerned had been walked at Kilerton and Ashclyst woods.

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