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The next Dartmoor DTC Open Agility Show will be held at Merton on August Bank Holiday Monday 26th August 2019.

The schedule and entry form is available to enter online at and is available below for postal entries.

Dartmoor DTC Open Agility Show 26th August 2019
Merton 2019 Shedule Final.doc
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Dartmoor DTC Open Agility Show at the Grange Equestrian Centre on Sunday 3rd February 2019


The next Dartmoor DTC Open Agility Show available to enter is now live on Agility Plaza.  Entries for this Show close on Saturday 5th January 2019.  THIS SHOW WAS CANCELLED DUE TO WEATHER CONDITIONS.

Dartmoor DTC Open Agility Show at The Grange Equestrian Centre on Sunday 11th November:


The Dartmoor DTC Open Agility Show took place at the Grange Equestrian Centre on Sunday 11th November 2018.   We had a huge entry for this Show with a total of 1280 dog runs.  Ring 1 entries totalled the maximum allowed for a judge, on a single day, and required an additional judge to be appointed.

We had four fantastic judges and great ring parties that kept things moving with great flowing courses.

The complete results of the Show can be found on Agility Plaza and the Members Trophies were awarded to:-

Christine Knox - highest placed member in Grade 1 & 2 agility

Ann Hampshire - highest placed member in Large Grade 3 agility

Calolyn Newton - winner of the Janet Mason Memorial Cup for the Anysize Class.

We also measured 25 dogs at the Show many of these at the new Intermediate Height for 2020.

And finally the sun actually shone!

Dartmoor DTC Open Agility Show at Merton on 27th August 2018:


The Dartmoor DTC Open Agility Show at Clinton Hall, Merton took place on August Bank Holiday Monday, 27th August 2018.   This show is targeted to offer a small friendly 2 ring show for relatively new competitors to the sport. 

Dartmoor DTC Premier Agility Show at West Buckland - 5th May 2018


The hotest weather ever for a Bank Holiday in May was the setting for the Dartmoor DTC Premier Agility Show held at Buckland Farm, West Buckland on Saturday 5th May 2018.   It was also the first Kennel Club show completed that was processed on Agility Plaza.  Full results from this Show can be found on

A big thank you to all the judges and ring parties that stood in the sun all day.  Some fabulous courses from all our judges.   

Dartmoor Open Agility Show - 4th February 2018


The Dartmoor DTC Show took place at the Grange Equestrian Centre again on a dry but very cold day.  An artic blast of cold air was blowing through the arena door adjacent ring 1.  We had fabulous courses from Jo Turner, Pat and Graham Partridge.  Results of the show can be found on here

Dartmoor Open Agility Show - 12th November 2017


The Dartmoor DTC Show took place at the Grange Equestrian Centre on a reasonably dry but cold day.  We had fabulous courses from our judges - Nick Chettle, Dairin Keating, Claire Hannaford and Kathryn Stickney.  Results of the show can be found here.

Dartmoor Open Agility Show - 28th August 2017


The Dartmoor DTC Show held at Clinton Hall, Merton took place in glorious sunshine. Results can be found here or at


Dartmoor DTC Premier Agility Show - Saturday 6th May 2017:


The Dartmoor DTC agility show held at Buckland Farm, West Buckland, Somerset TA21 9LN included YKC qualifiers and the Agility Club Starters Challenge.  This was a back to back show with Blackdown Agility Society on Sunday 7th May at the same venue.

Thank you to everyone who attended, took part and helped at the Show.

Dartmoor Open Agility Show - 29th January 2016:


The Dartmoor DTC Show held at the Grange Equestrian Centre on Sunday 29th January 2017 took place on a rather wet day which resulted in a very muddy outdoor and exercise area.  Thank goodness the venue was indoors.  Thank you to everyone who attended, took part and helped at the Show.

The results are available here


Dartmoor Open Agility Show 13th November 2016:


Thank you to everyone who attended, helped, took part, won and lost at today's show! with such big numbers it was always going to be a long day (and a tight fit into the car park!) but we did it. Bear with me while I get the results typed up and posted. If you won a rosette and haven't picked it up we will try to arrange for you to get it asap. I only have 1 item of lost property handed in - a stripey scarf - shout if it's yours! and just to show what an honest bunch you all are we had 2 of the new sort of £5 notes handed in separately today one was reunited with it's owner and the other became a kind donation to the raffle funds!!


Dartmoor Open Agility Show at Merton on 29th August 2016: 




A huge thank you to our helpers for all your hard work at the show today, I really do appreciate all the constant help and support you all give and without helpers like you the shows would not be the success they are.

I am pleased to let you know that the raffle made £81 for the PDSA, thank you to all who donated prizes and bought tickets, again I very much appreciate your support. Also a great big thank you to Caroline who did a sterling job of selling tickets over lunch.

The pay on the day took £27, I think by the end of the day both dogs and owner were ready to go home with the heat.

And the weather was realy good too.

Thanking you all once again.


Georgie (Show Secretary)

Dartmoor DTC Premier Agility Show - 7th May 2016




Hi All,


Having now got back home and unpacked the caravan i've managed to switch on my computer. I'd just like to say a very BIG THANK YOU to you all for helping to make the Show on Saturday a success. Without a team managing the tent, Ring Managers organising and keeping the rings going, First Aiders, and Ann putting out the signs and doing the Poo runs, there is no way i could have done my job, so i'm very grateful to you all.


Feedback has been very positive so far, we passed the KC Inspection and comments from people have been favourable, so once again "Thank you very much", i couldn't have done it without you!


All the best - Rosy xx


Results of the Show are available click here



Dartmoor DTC Open Agility Show - 30th January 2016:


This was a brand new KC Open Agility Show held on Saturday 30th January 2016 at the Grange Equestrian Centre for the first time.

We changed the format from our November Show so that each dog could have 3 runs with the large classes are graded and this proved popular. The weather was kind to us which is a big risk at this time of year and the show proved to be a success so we will hopefully repeat it.  Click here to see the results.

Dartmoor DTC Open Agility Show - 8th November 2015:


The Show went off really successfully apart from a minor issue with the toilets first thing and the results are available - click here.  A great big thank you to our judges and helpers who made the Show a success.

Remarkably again, all the dogs remained quiet for the two minutes silence to respect Rememberance Sunday.

The raffle raised £110.00 and we would like to say a big thank you to all members, competitors, trade stands and others business' who donated raffle prizes and brought tickets.  All proceed from the raffle will be donated to "Veterans with Dogs" the charity chossen for this Rememberance Day Show.   Dont forget to enter our new January Show at the same venue.

Dartmoor Open Agility Show - Merton 31st August 2015:


This Show is aimed at beginner dogs and/or handlers to agility and generally restricted to grade 1 & 2 dogs with a couple of higher grade classes for the experienced helpers needed to run the Show.


The weather for this years Show was generally good with a little drizzle in the morning.  We had a great Show with some testing courses from the judges.  The results are available here.   

Dartmoor / Blackdown 9th & 10th May:


The Spring Dartmoor Kennel Club Open Agility Show was held on 9th May 2015.  This was a "back-to-back" Show with Blackdown Agility Society who hosted their Show at the same venue on 10th May 2015. The Dartmoor Show was a Kennel Club Premier Agility Show which includes YKC Qualifiers and Agility Club Starters Challege Classes.


The weather for both Shows was pretty good with only a little drizzle on the Saturday morning.  After that we bathed in glorios sunshine.  What a change to last year.  The results are available here


Dartmoor DTC Open Agility Show - The Grange 9th November.


Well the weather stayed dry for this Show but as it was indoors this didn't really matter.  However the heavy rain in the days leading up to the Show had left the exercise area and entrances very muddy.

Debs (Show Secretary) "wishes to thank all the helpers for their hard work on Sunday.  Without you guys beavering away the Show would not happen nearly as smoothly.  Thank you for all you did - that includes the jobs i know  you were doing and the jobs which you did without being asked to as well." 

Dartmoor DTC Summer Show - Merton 25th August


We believe that this was the wettest "summer show" we have ever organised.  Steady rainfall was interupted with torrential rain showers until the later afternoon when the sun did shine briefly.  Our judges and helpers were brilliant as always and the judges even stayed to judge "pay on the day" classes even though soaked through from the earlier rain. 


The results (placed and clear rounds) can be found under the tab "DDTC Show Results 2014".  Also almost 400 photographs were taken by Allison Senior (Agility Club photgrapher of the year 2012 & 2013) and are available to view under the sub-menu of tab "Gallery".  We will gladly send free email copies of any of these photographs on request.

Dartmoor DTC Spring Show 10th May


We hope you all got home safely after the weekend and have dried out from the horrible weather.  It was even wet inside the score tents with the strong winds and driving rain let lone those helpers actually outside.  A BIG THANK YOU to all those that helped over the weekend at both our Show and with BAgS on Sunday.


The Dartmoor DTC results (winner's list) can be found under the tab "DDTC Show Results 2014".


Kennel Club praise for Dartmoor Show:


A Kennel Club Field Officer paid an unannounced visit and inspection of our Open Show on 10th May 2014 at Blackdown.  The report on his visit to our show was EXCELLENT.  We have included the Kennel Club letter in full below.

Congratulations to the DDTC Show Sub-committee, the Show Secretary, Ring Managers and all our helpers in achieving this acholade.  Our these individuals give their time and energy completely free for the benefit of all those taking part and are real hero's 

November Show - The Grange Equestrian Centre 11th November 2013


A GREAT BIG THANK YOU TO ALL THE HELPERS AT OUR NOVEMBER SHOW.  Special thanks to those who helped to set up on Saturday evening and those that stayed on after the Show to load up trailers and put the equipment away.  This is in addition to those that helped in the Ring Parties and the Car Park during the Show.  We really appreciate your help as the Show would not be possible without it. 


The weather was dry and even sunny for best part of the day even if the ground conditions where a little muddy.  We had three fantastic judges and great courses.


The raffle raised £125.00 which was a fantastic result and we would like to thank you for donating the prizes and supporting this raffle.


Our next Show is on 10th May 2014 at Blackdown.  Further details will follow shortly.

Summer Show - Merton 26th August 2013


What georgeous weather for a Bank Holiday Monday and whilst our entry for this years Show was down on the record entry in 2012 it proved to be a really great Show.  We had two fantastic Judges and some great courses.  Much of the feedback received mentions the friendly and helpful attitude of both Judges and Ring Parties.  Well done to you all.


We have a small number of unclaimed rosetts (mainly Judges Specials).  Check out the results and contact us if you are owed a rosett.  We will do our best to get it to you. Click here to go directly to the results page.


The raffle raised £73.25 and the "pay on the day" raised £60.00 which is an excellent result for a small show.  Thank you to all the competitors who kindly donated raffle prizes.   

Spring Show Wadebridge 28th April 2013


The Dartmoor DTC Open Agility Show held on 28th April 2013 at Wadebridge was a great success.  We ended up with a record entry this year and the weather was reasonably kind to us.  Whilst a little overcast for the morning it got out quite warm around lunchtime and then turned cold a wet late in the afternoon towards the end of the Show.  However, this was a fantastic improvement on the weather we experienced for the Show in 2012.


The raffle raised £80 for our selected Charities and the Practice Ring raised £94 in cash in addition to the helpers who used their free practice ring vouchers.

All Agility Shows

The calendar of all club events for 2013 is available to download including show schedules and entry forms direct from Agility Net below;-



Helping at Agility Shows

For any show to run smoothly we require helpers for each ring.  Each Ring requires:-

  • Ring Manager
  • Scrime
  • Scorer
  • Caller
  • Pads
  • Leads
  • Poles

Allowing for these volunteers to run their own dogs 18 helpers are required per ring plus a couple of floating people operating between rings.  Please offer to help at all shows you enter - the more who help the less time we spend on these tasks.  You do not have to have previous experience as there are plenty of tasks requiring none. have produced a very good article on the "Ring Party" with a detailed and somewhat humourous description of what each job entails.  To view this article log onto and on the home page click onto the "Agilitynet Menu".  This produces a lengthy sub-menu but click on "Agility Humour" and you will see another sub-menu and click on the "Ring Party" to see the article.  

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Merton 2018 Photo's


We have a few photographs of Members and their dogs at the Merton Show 2018.  We have to thank David Wilson for taking the photo's.  Click here to view.

Guide to Surviving your first agility show:


Kim Lawer and Cornwall Agility Club have produced a very detailed and comprehensive document for anyone entering their first show. It would be impossible to improve upon this document and with their permission i have made it available to download here.  

Guide to surviving your first agility show
Guide to surviving your first show 2018.[...]
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